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"Money, Music, & Fashion" 

Mr. ScrilltownHimself (formerly known as Feddie Scrillz/Mr. Feddie) started writing music at 9 years old. During his early teens he participated in a variety of talent shows and songwriting competitions around the area of Kansas City.  At the age of 14, with the guidance of his aunt ( who resided in Los Angeles, CA) he was offered a artist development deal from Motown/RCA Records. After graduating high school, he decided to shop himself as an emcee and began his journey in music. He then began writing and recording songs with help and advice from childhood friends and relatives; Rico Ricardo, Scario Andreddi, Big Scrill Will, DJ Rice, TwoSweet Vellie, and Greedy. 

In 2002, after several attempts at trying to secure a major recording deal, he started his own independent record label, "Royalty Mob Records". 

Royalty Mob Records consisted of himself, DVG (Big Mase & Phat Daddi),  K’Dosia, and Lyrikal  KingPenn.  

In 2004, the label released their debut collective compilation “Runnin’Mates 2004" . This project was distributed regionally (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa) through Best Buy, Circuit City, FYE, Streetside Records, Hastings, and 7th Heaven. The label then  promoted the project by performing shows in the Kansas City,  and ouside areas (Lawrence Kansas, and Omaha Nebraska). 

At that time, Royalty Mob Records was being heavily scouted by major record label A &R's  such as; TVT Records (Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz/Pitbull), Koch Records (Canibus/Charli Baltimore), and others. 

In 2006,  the label then released the highly anticipated mix-tape “High Rollin’/Legal Hustle". This project included a variety of up and coming rap artist from all across the country. These artists included; Marley Young, Yungazz D-Locsta, Murda Manson, MP3, as well as artists from Royalty Mob Records. 

In 2007, Feddie Scrillz decided to part ways with the label, and begin a not related to music. 

 In 2020, after a 13 year hiatus from the music industry, he starting building momentum again, "one single at a time". Since being back, he has co-authored "Yes I Can: 15 Mindset Secrets From Entrepreneurs Across The World", (an Amazon #1 Best-Seller collective), started his own signature clothing line and shoe company- Scrilltown Clothing Company, and has also released over 30 different musical projects worldwide.

He has secured two different label distribution deals;  one three-year label distribution deal with The Orchard (a division of Sony Music), and another three-year deal with Symphonic Distribution. 

In 2021, Mr. ScrilltownHimself also contributed to the success of a Top #25 Billboard and Apple Music plaque, for the compilation titled "Red Devil" (Amada Records). He worked diligently along side Amada Records and Dogface Records, to help with the project's promotion and marketing campaigns. 

Since his return to the music industry, ScrilltownMO has a approximately 2.5 Million streams worldwide on digital platforms; Spotify, Apple Music-iTunes, and SoundCloud. He also has executive produced seven music videos, and has over 350,000 views on video platforms. 

He has also managed to  have a successful weekly entertainment videocast, called "Welcome to Scrilltown Talk", and  host  his own internet radio station  called "Scrilltown Radio". 

Mr. ScrilltownHimself is the true meaning of how to "get money and staying true".

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