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ScrilltownMO LLC

                           Welcome to ScrilltownMO..

                                                            "Money, Music, & Fashion"

Mark Free

FNG Artist

Artist On The Rise 

Mark Free

Mark Free started rapping at 13 years old, freestyling on the porch. When he got older his  homeboy CNO LUXURY was already rapping and recording, so Mark Free started working security for him at  the age of 18, and then began getting studio time from him . As their careers both started getting bigger , Mark Free went out and purchased his own studio. At 22 he started taking rap more serious as his son was born.  At the age of 25 his daughter was born, and that’s when it really became serious to him.  "Over the years, I’ve lost two of my best friends that were really close to me.  One due to being shot and one fell sick and both of them pushed me to do this music.   FNG was formed with my brother FNG Cam and CNO LUXURY and now being the front man of the camp I have a lot of people counting on me to get us to the top. I want to thank God, my wife, my mom, dad and the rest of my family for staying by my side through my journey FNG Free Gang let’s get it!!!"

Trappin' Out The Dungeon ft. Mark Free & FNG Cam

Where I Came From ft. Mark Free & JayKid