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Daffie Doc- "BB Amor"

What do you get when you get a blazing track from the hot up and coming producer "Young Frenchy808" , vocals from the French pop artist "Daffie Doc" and an all-star lineup of award-winning and billboard producers? The answer is.. "BB Amor". The French and English version are available on all digital platforms. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Daffie Doc's new single BB Amor

"​Showing Out"

When hip-hop, the solar system, and three of the most dangerous new up and coming lyrical forces come together.. You get a track produced by "the wizard", multi-talented producer/singer-songwriter "Exurt Beatz", accompanied by a blazing lyrical anthem from emcee Kaiju-X, and a metaphoric verse from the Virginia native "Dispurse".  "Showing Out" will be available worldwide, on all digital platforms​ December 24th.

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Star wars in a lyrical hiphop sense produced by Exurt BEatz

"Cruising"- Becky Raisman

Check out the hot new EP titled "Cruising" by the singer-songwriter, actress, and comedian Chicago native "Becky Raisman". "Cruising" is available everywhere on all digital platforms. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Becky Raisman "Cruising" love music

Daffie Doc- "Rendez-vous"

Rendez-vous is a collective of French and English pop, hiphop, soul, and jazz sounds all in one. This full-length album has some of the most diverse production the world has to offer. With french born feature verses, along with American, Italian, and French born production to compliment Daffie Doc's beautiful flow. This album is now available on all digital platforms. 

(ScrilltownMo Music/Symphonic 2022)

Rendez-vous by Daffie Doc French Pop Music

Tuljah Wannyame- "Island Girl"

Welcome to the West African dance-hall and afro-beat artist "Tuljah Wannyame", and his hot new single titled "Island Girl". This song has a dance-hall vibe with an "island" melody. This new single is now available on all digital platforms. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Island Girl by Tuljah Wannyame  Caribbean/Dancehall music

PettyAss Punkin- "Freakz Of The Industry"

Imagine an album with lyrical metaphors, dope beats, and sexy wordplay. "Freakz Of The Industry" (produced by Feddie Scrillz) is one of the freakiest lyrical projects that has every been released. Available now on all digital platforms. Music video coming soon. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Freakz Of The Industry by PettyAss Punkin Hiphop music

je re^ve de toi (Remix)- Daffie Doc feat.

 Exurt Beatz

In 2021, Daffie Doc released the original version of  the French soul ballad "je re^ve de toi" , along with the music video that took place near the Eiffel Tower to set the precedence of love, dreams, and happiness. This year Exurt Beatz decided that this love ballad needed a hip-hop twist to it. Check out the hot new single and music video available now on all digital music and video platforms. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Drea's- "Before I Make Change"

This hot new single "Before I Make Change" has the type of feel that you get when you blend some of the most talented female vocalist in music history together all in one song. This ballad has a combination of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, India Irie, Whitney Houston, with a sprinkle of Mariah Carey, and a dash of Beyonce. Check out the hot new single and music video on all digital platforms. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Drea  Before I Make Change Love Music

Square Rootz- "You Do The Math"

West Coast producers "Exurt Beatz" and "Jerome Duffy" come together to form a lyrical group that formulates the name "Square Rootz". The titled EP "You Do The Math" is one of rap's best musical projects to be released this year. Available now on all digital platforms. Also check out the hot new music video from the debut EP titled "You Might Get Shot" on all music video platforms. 

(ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic 2022)

Hip-Hop group "Square Rootz"