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Queen N'Tisha 

 Natisha, better known as Queen N’Tisha, was born and raised in Compton, California. She is now currently residing in Kansas City, Mo. Queen N'Tisha grew up in the church where she started singing and performing in front of thousands of fans at the age of 7. She then went on to start writing songs at the age of 13. Queen N'Tisha has  been inspired by her favorite music groups like; SWV, 702, Exscape, and artists Faith Evans.

"My desire as a singer is to sing and perform my own songs. Bringing melody, harmony, healing, and uplifting others with my 90s vibe, up to date swag, and talent. Even though I love R&B I also sing and write gospel music, because I never forget my roots which is embedded in my heart, I absolutely love music". 

Queen N'Tisha

Queen of New Age Soul

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