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Artist Development, Management, & Consulting.. What can we do for YOU?



Are you looking for management, consulting and /or representation that you can trust? Or maybe for just for some advice on your next project/album?

At ScrilltownMO, we have the services that we provide that come in a variety of ways: We provide digital platform playlist promos (Spotify, SoundCloud, etc). We offer social media promoting ( Facebook, IG, etc, and music blogs), radio interviews scheduling and we also can submit your music for possible internet or international radio spins or song placements/licensing.

Here are the services that we provide & offer:

A & R Consulting/Project Management: 

Album/project consulting, marketing concepts.

 $200/ month (6 hours a month )

Artist Management: 

Representing clients for any negotiable deals/contracts (promotion, developmental, marketing, distribution), artist promotion, advertising/marketing, etc.

 $200/ month (4-5 hours a month)

Artist Development/Creativity:

Mentoring, instructing, educating the artist on the music industry/business, the "how to's" to your music career. 

$150 month (3-4 hours a month)

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